The world by storm with red bottom Cheap Christian Louboutin shoes women's shoes and accessories luxury brand Christian Louboutin last summer officially enter the cosmetics industry, launched a ROUGE 30 full range of color of nail polish.
Recently, Christian Louboutin's a beauty makeup boutique opened in Paris, at the same time is also the 100th features boutique in Paris.
According to the website Pursuitist report: the new concept shop is located in the gallery has 200 years history of Paris street, surrounded by all kinds of French gallery, close to 1991 and in 2011 opened the first Christian Louboutin ladies and men's boutique flagship store, Mr Louboutin describes the unique space: "it was a small shop, it was a piece of the holy land, in short, it is beautiful."
New flagship beauty makeup Christian Louboutin Outlet products, especially ROUGE 30 full range of color of nail polish.Store design by the famous interior architect Pierre Yovanovitch (below).
Yovanovitch said: "when Mr Christian olive branch to me, I'm flattered. We can imagine the new aesthetic concepts. He showed me a pointed cone of the cap on the bottle, I immediately thought of can in this ancient Paris street building a modern space, to define a new aesthetic way to convey to the customers, and salute to Mr Christian and iconic armour oil bottle. He added: I hope that people will do more shopping attracted by the window of the shop, stop pace, thinking 'not here, where is this?" - Mr Christian beauty makeup boutique will be fascinating, amazing."
A walked into the store, the guests will be immersed in the space of this piece of shining, smooth white wall decorated with delicate small niches, create ever-changing effects, Louboutin nail polish like pieces of art in the middle.Roof is like fairy tale set into a vast blue sky, white clouds flow, let a person produce outdoor illusion.In aino blue stone floor, burnt wood furniture, the metope of Wedgwood royal porcelain bricks, present a unique features for boutique.
By narrow stairs, open the copper arch to the attic, this is a boudoir.Painted pink metope, sofa cushion for leaning on to display a row between pillars of nail polish.In order to bring customers more intimate experience, in the Christian will share with you his understanding of beauty.Wall designer kirchner's private collection of g Kachina doll, a natural lenovo said his latest Tribalou series. Christian Louboutin characteristics of the first flagship store is also the future expansion of plans.
(above for Christian Louboutin Beaute in gallery street shops)
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